DFS Lineup Generator

Contested Catch is excited to share our DFS Lineup Generator, built specifically for GPP tournaments at DraftKings. Check it out below!

The lineups are all created with stacking strategies that have been proven to increase lineup upside by taking advantage of player correlations within games. Below, our tool allows you to sort through 800 lineups for each week. Within each week, no two lineups have more than three players in common. This is done by design in order to reduce correlation between lineups and increase the probability that one or two end up near the top of a GPP tournament. If you have trouble viewing the embedded app, click https://contestedcatch.shinyapps.io/DraftKingsOptimizer to visit the tool on the host site.

NOTE: Every week due to injury news, we’ll be pushing a final update on the weekend to account for inactive players.

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