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In-Season Content Schedule

The plan is to bring you Consistent Quality week-in and week-out during the season. We know how important it is to have analysis & tools you can trust. It’s our goal to earn that trust each and every week so that you’ll see CC as a weekly must. Here’s our schedule: We’re keeping open theContinue reading “In-Season Content Schedule”

2020 NFL Win Totals

Our Summer Finale episode, CC E40, was CC’s coverage of NFL Win Totals for the season. Our guests were Kaz & Chid, two vets of the show & big NFL guys. The episode was great, so definitely check it out if you haven’t already. Below, you’ll see our picks, Division by Division. For fun, weContinue reading “2020 NFL Win Totals”

Big Data Bowl Rushing Insights

No player had a higher expected yards at hand-off in the AFC than Devin Singletary, however his counterpart Frank Gore was near the bottom of the list. Considering Gore was frequently used in short yardage situations and faced more stacked boxes, this finding makes sense. I point this out first to highlight that Expected YardsContinue reading “Big Data Bowl Rushing Insights”

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