In-Season Content Schedule

The plan is to bring you Consistent Quality week-in and week-out during the season.

We know how important it is to have analysis & tools you can trust.

It’s our goal to earn that trust each and every week so that you’ll see CC as a weekly must. Here’s our schedule:

  • Tuesday – Weekend Recap

    Will & Jeff break down:

    • Winner’s & Losers from the prior week
    • Top Waiver Wire options
    • FF Storylines to watch
    • Buffalo Bills’ result
  • Thursday – Buys & Sells

    Will & Kyle debate and discuss Kyle’s picks for this week’s Buys & Sells. We frequently reference the Receiver Opportunity Composite (ROC) Score results, searching for opportunities the public is missing.

    You can view the ROC here.

  • Thursday – Newsletter: The Contested Catch-Up

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  • Friday – Weekly Preview

    Will & Jeff discuss:

    • Upcoming NFL action
    • Injury updates
    • The DFS slate
    • Top Lineups from our Generator
    • Best Bets

    You can view the DFS Lineup Generator here.

We’re keeping open the possibility for more as the season progresses, so stay tuned!

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